Dogs can serve as adorable hosts, greeting whoever with wagging tails and excited licks – however, in some cases they provide their owners with the exact opposite service as guard dogs. To ward off unwanted strangers many people will hang up the dreaded ‘BEWARE OF DOG‘ sign to let people know that it would be in their best interest to keep on moving, and it can be very effective.

Well, nothing destroys this menacing warning sign like a friendly, exuberant dog posed next to it and as you will see in the list below many of these ‘guard dogs‘ didn’t seem to get the message. Big and small breeds, the canines in this Bored Panda collection are better suited for the welcome community. Scroll down below to check out these adorably hilarious images and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Beware Of Attack Dog

Image credits: farihits

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