A year ago I was honored to volunteer for a photo project for the animal’s shelter “Let the Animals Live”. I needed to photograph the animals from the shelter for the calendar.

Abused Doberman, a dog that lost his back legs in a car accident, a blind cat, a very old and abandoned dog – all of them have different and unique stories and lives. Just like we are.

With this project I wanted to remind that we are so unique but still so similar. All of us are looking for a warm hug, for a loving glance, for true happiness, for a best friend, for real support. We need someone who will take us as we are and will not judge. And I don’t know who really adopt whom. Look at them – they are so perfect!

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Ori – albino with vision loss – and Sheleg – a very shy dog

Dina with cerebral palsy and Benben without back legs

Dan with ADHD and Efi – abused and neglected doberman

Noam with Down syndrome and Ben-Ben without back legs

Benjamin – was 97 years old, may his memory be a blessing, and Bell – 2 months old that was adopted

Amos with strabismus and Ginger – a kitten that lost her mother after she was born

Hen and Ran, Diva and Riko – the dogs that spent 8 years in the shelter

Adi and Shesek – a blind cat

A boy and a dog who doesn’t have legs

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