Recently, the first known photo of an all-white, albino panda has been shared with the world. The picture of this photogenic panda was released by scientists at Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China, this Sunday. The photo was captured back in mid-April with motion-activated cameras on the reserve which show this young panda walking through the lush greenery.

More info: Wolong Natural Nature Reserve

An all-white albino panda has been spotted for the first time

Image credits: Wolong National Nature Reserve

Scientists believe that the panda must be between the age of one and two years old, according to an official statement released by Wolong National Nature Reserve. The statement also indicated that there is a ‘whitening’ mutant gene in the panda population in Wolong. The panda cub is assumed to be albino, as it has white fur, white claws, and red eyes. Experts believe that this photograph might be the first one taken of an all-white giant panda. Albino pandas have been photographed previously, however they weren’t all white and had brown spots.

Although there is no significant impact on panda’s health, being an albino usually makes it easier for predators to notice you so albino animals have fewer chances of surviving in the wild. Because of this, scientists rarely manage to capture albino animals.

Albinism is a genetic condition which prevents the body from producing the usual amount of melanin, which consequently results in light hair, skin, and eyes

The experts of the nature reserve have also shared that the cub looks quite well and strong and added, that judging from the picture, albinism has not affected its life much.

Scientists at the reserve are now planning to set up more cameras in hopes of capturing the further life and development of the albino cub.

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