Cats and memes, what can be better than this blessed combination? Especially on such a platform as the internet, where it’s been long-known that felines rule the worldwide web. Unfortunately, often times when it comes to memes, we only ever know one picture, with no context, no sources, and no story behind it. Perhaps that’s why we make up our own scenarios for such images. As not every feline meme-star can be as famous as the beloved late Tardar Sauce, who was best known to the world as the Grumpy Cat, we have to dig around the internet to find more.

And we excitedly present Smudge, a ‘chunky yet funky’ meme-lord who hates vegetables. You might’ve seen this kitty before in the infamous “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme format, where a seemingly-stunned Smudge looks over the table with a salad in front of him.

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Smudge is a cat that became famous thanks to this meme

The meme started making rounds back in May when a Twitter user MISSINGEGIRL put out a tweet combining Smudge’s image with that of Taylor Armstrong from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. The caption of the tweet read “These photos together is making me lose it” and accumulated an impressive amount of 78,900 retweets and 276,800 likes in two months.

Seeing how pictures of Smudge are spreading all over the internet, the kitty’s owners decided to create an Instagram page dedicated to him in late May. This is where all the lovely photos of Smudge come from and the gallery shows the feline’s true colors.

Unlike the meme version of himself, Smudge rarely looks confused, in fact, the cat showcases a variety of expressions. And while the meme only allowed us a glimpse at Smudge’s face, he’s more than that and is shown in all his ‘chonky’ glory (now it can be understood why his profile says that Smudge hates vegetables). Oh, and above all, Smudge is Canadian! You probably didn’t see that one coming.

Smudge’s Instagram account has 617k followers (as of September 6) which is an impressive deed considering he’s only been on the social media site for a couple of months. Now that you’ve become familiar with the meme-lord himself, perhaps you will also join his ranks?

Here are some select memes that got Smudge famous

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