You surely know the saying that fortune is fickle. In the case of this cat, one can say he won a second life. When we found him, he was miserable… He went out towards us on a brink of death, but full of belief and hope.

Most certainly harmed by a human, but still believing in humanity.

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The one-eyed cat was given a second life

He snuggled onto our knees, purring all the time and treading with his paws. He wanted to live, and we wanted to do all in our might just to help him out. He lost an eye and a piece of an ear, some teeth in his mouth were missing. He was desperately starved and dehydrated. But he made it!

We already told you his story once here on Bored Panda. It’s been five years since then. Look what has changed over this time, and what Pirate is up to now. And let me tell you it’s not any cat, but a cat CEO.

Cats on the Instagram

We have two cats, we adore them and take lots of photos. Not wanting the shots to get lost on the hard drive, we set up an account on the Instagram, and we add them there. But still, even though our favorite shots are in one place, it’s not easy to go back to old posts. Winding and loading the photos takes a lot of time. And that’s how we came up with an idea of printing our Instagram on a T-Shirt.

How we print Instagram photos?

Everything was inspired by our cats, and especially Pirate, who delights in posing 😉 Such a shirt can hold about 400 photos, so we can wind back to our favorite frames and memories.

Everyone likes our shirt

And particularly our one-and-a-half-year old son. He loves to spot on the shirt the photos of his mum, dad, our cats and friends’ dogs. He calls by names the familiar people and pets, and imitates the noises made by cat and dog. He has a great fun, and we have a nice shirt with memories.

The cat that has become an CEO

Have I mentioned that Pirate loves to pose? He became the main character of our Instagram, so after launching our company we unanimously gave him the title of CEO. And he may well be the first cat in the world who has become a Chief of a company, and for sure the only one-eyed feline CEO.

What are his responsibilities?

Pirate tries out our products and prompts us what else we can add to our offer. He loves to keep everything in paw, and that’s why he often sits around our computers, checking what we’re up to.

He supervises if the texts are well-written, if we’ve replied to the e-mails, and he advises us when to add a post on the Instagram. Pirate is a socialite, so when guests visit us, and couriers in particular, he catches the opportunity of getting stroked behind the ears and listening to words of admiration. And believe me: everyone adores him. And he snuggles to everyone and will not let them go without due smooching.

Following the t-shirts, our offer was expanded to include pillows, bags, drawstring backpacks and beach towels – all covered with pictures. And by the way, we’d love to learn what you think of our products – please write about them in your comments.

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