At 32 years old, I discovered the art of needle felting two years ago when I stumbled upon by accident while Xmas shopping.

I have always been a lover of art and did well with the subject in school. With this, I became intrigued to know what Needle Felting was. After a quick search, I came across the entire world of Fibre Arts and Artists alike. I ordered my first kit, not having a clue what I was doing, and off I went on my felting journey.

2 years on, and I earn a living creating beautiful, bespoke 3D pieces of art for other people of their beloved pets. I even incorporate their real pet’s hair, fur, or ashes into my creations for more sentimentality.

If making an exact, miniature version of your best friend wasn’t enough for you, I also handmake all their tiny accessories, too, like their little collars, tags, toys, and blankets.

I often get told I don’t just create the animal; I recreate their soul too. I find the eyes are the most crucial aspect of my work. These do give my sculptures that soulful look, and it’s what makes them come alive.

Since December 2017, my business has hit off, and I now have over 16,000 followers on social media. I never believed I would become a full-time artist, let alone become so popular. It is my dream come true, and I appreciate every single person who supports my art journey.

I have finally found the most fabulous combination of the two things I love most — animals and art!

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#1 Blue Faced Leicester Sheep.

#2 Border Terrier Replica Sitting In His Wee Box

#3 My Koala Piece Mounted On Beautiful Drift Wood Tree.

#4 Working Progress Of A Spaniel Mix.

#5 Tiny Features…

#6 Working Progress On This Grey Gelding

#7 Every Detail Counts!

#8 Border Collie And Blue Face Leister Sheep Double Art Piece

#9 Completed Border Terrier Replica

#10 The Making Of My Mini Border Terrier

#11 Real vs. Mini Replica

#12 Mini Jack Russell Featured Next To His Miniature Replica

#13 Goldie In A Box…

#14 My Detailed Koala..

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