My name is Daniel Sasse, a marine conservationist, the owner of Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang Thailand and an award-winning underwater photo and videographer. I have 25 years of experience in scuba diving, teaching and photographing wildlife. Protecting our oceans must be our priority since every second breath we take is produced by our oceans.

Underwater Photography is one of the hardest photography skills to master since its not only the object which moves but also you have to be neutrally buoyant so you don’t destroy any marine life such as corals fish or sponges. A lot of Marine life is just a few millimeters in length often even smaller than that, so you also need to have the right photo equipment to capture a good image. All the pictures are with the size of the object. They all look big due to the right photo equipment but they are really really small.

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#1 Network Pipefish 60mm (0.19685 Ft) In Length But Only 20mm (0.0656168 Ft) In Width

#2 Porcelain Crab 20mm (0.0656168 Ft) In Diameter

#3 Pregnant Transparent Cleaner Shrimp 15mm (0.0492126 Ft) In Length

#4 Banded Cleaner Shrimp 40mm (0.131234 Ft)

#5 Skunk Shrimp 30mm (0.0984252 Ft)

#6 Whip Coral Shrimp 10mm (0.0328084 Ft) But Only 4mm (0.0131234 Ft) In Width

#7 Idiomysis Are About The Size Of A Pin Head 2mm (0.00656168 Ft) The Smallest Ones I Ever Photographed

#8 Decorater Crab 50mm (0.164042 Ft)

#9 Eggs Of “Nemo” Clarks Anemonefish 0.5mm (0.00164042 Ft) In Length

#10 Xenia Crab 15mm (0.0492126 Ft) In Length

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