Barn Hill Preserve organizes guided encounter tours, lets its visitors hang out with sloths, and… swim with otters. That’s right, if you’re stressed out from working long hours or the mundane routine that is the everyday life and are thinking to yourself, “What could make me feel more relaxed?” chilling with Asian small-clawed otters in a pool is the answer.

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The participants must be at least 16 years and are required to sign a waiver before their experience. “Otter Swim Encounter Tours are 3 hours long and include a guided tour around the facility, up-close interactions with our animal ambassadors, and the chance to swim with our Asian small-Clawed Otters!” Barn Hill Preserve writes. “This tour is a truly unique experience found nowhere else in Louisiana.”

“The otter swim portion of the tour includes time for changing clothes, orientation, and swimming with the otters. It is approximately 1 hour. The average time otters swim in the pool is 35 minutes. The number of otter swims is limited so that this remains a very positive experience for them. While in the pool, you are an observer. We do not allow the otters to be restrained, both for the safety of you and our otters,” the preserve explained. The activity costs $154 per person.

Some people loved the idea of swimming with otters

Others were worried for the animals:

After receiving some backlash, Barn Hill Preserve addressed the concerns

People thanked them for the good work they’ve been doing:

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