A few years ago, I adopted a couple of cats. The first one adopted was Paf, grey cat, 4kg of silk fur, sassy with a strong cat attitude. Then came Tika, a tabby and tender kitten. Follow their adventures on Instagram for a bit of fun & cuteness!

The technology has brought affordable, easy-to-use, consumer-grade 3D printers to market. You can create almost everything for your home, adding a personal customized touch.

Here are some 3D printed accessories for my furry felines.

More info: Instagram | twitter.com | youtube.com

#1 Bat Wings

#2 Pet Tag

#3 Pet Tag

#4 Litter Scoop

#5 Cactus Case. To Safeguard Our Furry Friends. Cats Are So Curious!

#6 Keep Your Cat Classy And Fun With This Trendy Bow Tie!

#7 Halloween Stuff

#8 Push And Chase! There’s Another, Smaller Ball Printed Inside That Is Off-Centre, Meaning The Ball Will Never Roll Straight

#9 Hat

#10 Cat Drinking Pond. All Cats Love Freshwater

#11 Food-Dispensing Cat Toy. Fill This Simple Cat Toy With Cat Treats And Watch Your Cat Bat It Around In Attempt To Get At The Treats Inside

#12 Cat Toy Rack. Organize All Your Cat’s Playthings In One Handy Place

#13 Butterfly Wings

#14 Mobile Support. That’s Great For Watching Birds

#15 These Vases Are 3D Printed With A Special Wood Filament

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