Newfoundlands are known for the massive size and large coats but if you take a closer look you will discover they are just gentle giants. Out of the large dog breeds Newfoundlands top the chart as the 5th largest in the world standing at between 27-30 inches tall and weighing as much as 150 pounds. Add to their height the thick double coat that covers them, they appear even larger. The breed, as the name suggests, comes from the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Fisherman in the area needed dogs who could aid them onboard and with their natural ability to swim due to their partially webbed feet, Newfoundlands were a natural choice. The dogs kept warm by their fur, were strong enough to save a grown man from drowning. This kind of loyalty has made them ideal pets to their families, who, as you will see from this list, have had to make a little extra room in their homes.

16 Months Apart

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