You never know just what is going to go viral in this crazy internet world. You could spend months creating something amazing, using all your passion, skill and patience, and receive nothing but a collective ‘meh’ in return. Or, you could doodle a quick outline of your goofy dog and find yourself on the front page of publications everywhere.

This is Jay’s goofy dog Stanley

This is what happened to Jay Cartner – who has been drawing and painting for 25 years – just recently. Turns out their most popular works, the ones that people truly relate to, are the kind you would find on a napkin, or the margins of a school book!

Jay decided to have a little fun doodling Stanley’s weird poses, and people love them!

Jay and their family have 3 greyhound rescues – Stanley, Stuart and Kitty.

Stanley, in particular, has a very goofy and expressive nature which makes him a perfect model for doodles. “I was having a hectic day at work so I drew some very quick, very silly sketches of Stanley to make myself laugh and recenter myself,” Jay told The Dodo.

As you can see for yourself, the results are… interesting.

“I thought a few people might get a kick out of them, but I never expected them to blow up the way they did,” Jay said.

Jay can doodle other people’s pets too

Jay has since started Facebook and Instagram pages to showcase their doodles, and they are just good old fashioned fun!

These are places where people can just hang out and talk dogs and art and not take themselves too seriously. He will even doodle your own pets if you’re really lucky!

They are truly works of art!

What do you think? Do you like Jay’s doodles? How are your animal drawing skills? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to share your own doodles too!

Here’s what people had to say about Jay’s doodles

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