Twitter works in mysterious ways. But every once in a while it gives people precisely what they need. And this weekend it turned out to be a few pictures of Sean Astin cuddling with an otter. Everything began when Sam from New Zealand tweeted them to her followers, and things quickly went crazy, resulting in people appreciating Sean’s acting career.

“I found the photo on Facebook!” Sam told Bored Panda. “It was posted by the organisation Nurtured by Nature which does swim with otters experiences. I reposted the photos [on Twitter], honestly, because I love otters! I thought the photos were so sweet especially the kissing one and I just wanted to share them to my followers. I never imagined that it would cause the chaos it did. I woke up to about 8,000 likes on Friday morning and by the end of the day it had about 60,000 and Sean Astin himself had tweeted me that I rock!”

It all started when Sam from New Zealand tweeted adorable shots of Sean Astin cuddling with an otter

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After noticing that he was trending, Astin immediately tried to find out why

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So people reassured the actor that it wasn’t just because he appeared on Stranger Things

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Even one of his daughters joined the fun

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Sean was incredibly delighted to see everyone’s reaction

Image credits: SeanAstin

Image credits: SeanAstin

However, there are many more animals that got to experience Sean’s gentle side

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Image credits: seanastin

Image credits: seanastin

Image credits: seanastin

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