Dog owners can agree that nothing is more important than petting a good boy. When a playful pooch comes up to you, there’s nothing that can’t stop you from playing with him, not even a church service. Or at least, that’s the attitude a priest named José Geraldo Sobreira has, who got his service crashed by an adorable four-legged friend.

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Recently a video showing an adorable dog interrupting a church service went viral

A couple weeks ago, Nossa Senhora das Dores parish shared a video on its Facebook page that quickly went viral. The video shows a playful dog who somehow entered the church and approached the priest.

Without hesitation, the friendly pup started to play with the priest and mess with his clothes. However, instead of being annoyed by the misbehaving parishioner and trying to get rid of him, Sobreira couldn’t hide a smile from his face and continued to play with the adorable distraction throughout the whole service.

While it remains unclear where the dog came from and who the owner is, people absolutely loved the adorable moment the parish shared. The video has already been viewed more than 5 million times.

Many have praised Sobreira for the adorable way in which he handled the situation. Seriously, who could resist petting such a lovely dog?

Watch the video below

Here’s how people reacted

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